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Tour Package

Title : Bako National Park Day Trip
Duration : 07 Hours
Departure : 08:00 AM
Price : RM260 per person (Min 2 person to go)
Description :

Bako National Park, the oldest and one of the most popular national parks in Sarawak, offers the perfect introduction to Sarawak's forest and wildlife. Bako National Park, situated about 38 km from Kuching on the Maura Tebas peninsular at the mouth of the Sarawak River, can be reached by car and longboat in one and a half hours. The journey takes you past beautiful nipah palms, coconut plantations and mangrove swamps.  It contains a wide range of vegetation, jungle streams, waterfalls, interesting plant life, trekking trails and coastlines covered with small bays, coves and beaches. You will be able to experience almost desert-like scrub or "padang" on the plateau to lowland dipterocarp forest. Erosion has left some remarkable rock formations such as the famous Sea Stack (sandstone formation).

It is a rare place that should please even the most demanding photographer or wildlife and nature enthusiast. Bako supports several types of distinct vegetation - open scrubland and hardy flora at the plateau of the hill range changing to lush and tall rainforest trees and plants and lowland dipterocarp forest on the slopes and finally to casuarinas and mangrove trees along the coast. It is also home to numerous species of birds, snakes and animals such as the proboscis monkeys, long tailed macaques, wild boars, sambar deers and monitor lizards. Sixteen well-demarcated paths within the park can be followed without any difficulty or fear of getting lost. Tour to this National Park can be on a Daytrip basis or overnight stay which can be arranged with accommodation at the Park's chalet or bungalow.

Includes :

All transfer, boat, entrance ticket, lunch, drinking water & English, Malay or Chinese Speaking Guide

Extra :

In order to keep our prices down these tours operate on the principle that you may be in a small group of other people. Please do note the pick-up time for the tour departure (these times are generally fixed); and do not forget to indicate the name of your hotel. These details will of course be reconfirmed to you before you start your tour.